Look for the Blue Blade for the #1 Ice Saws on the Market from Our Company in Winger, Minnesota

Leave the Chain and Gas Can Behind

When You Go Ice Fishing with Our Saws                                                                 

Do you like ice fishing? Catch a big one when you cut a big hole with ice fishing saws from Fish's Sporting Toys in Winger, Minnesota. We manufacture hand-operated ice saws for ice fishing that are much better than chain saws. Contact us if you are interested in fish spearing saws that can help you slice through any ice.




Fish - Ice Fishing Saws in Winger, MN
Ice Saws
 As avid ice fishermen ourselves, we saw the urgent need for this Icesaw. After we got tired of using chain saws and spud bars, we created this product. Now, they are the most popular ice saws on the market. They measure 42 inches long folded and 80 inches long unfolded, allowing you to stand up and cut the ice. The Wood Grip type handles are easy on the hands and easy to operate. Our saws are hand-operated so you never have to worry about them not starting or breathing in noxious gas and oil smells.




Fish - Ice Fishing Saws in Winger, MN
The Blue Blade
Just look for the blue blade as the mark of quality ice saws. This blade can be re-sharpened along the way, as well. Many people have tried to use other ice fishing saws, but they all come to us eventually.

Call us at (888) 409-3546 for the finest ice fishing saws available from Fish's Sporting Toys in Winger, Minnesota.

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